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Al-Anon Meetings
MONDAYS AT 9:30AM in the Parlor
TUESDAYS AT 7:00 PM in the Parlor

AL-ANON:  Many who come to Al-Anon are in despair,
feeling hopeless, unable to believe that things can ever change. Many are people just like you and me–people who have been affected by someone else’s drinking. They are parents, children, spouses, partners, brothers, sisters, other family members, friends, employers, employees, and coworkers of alcoholics.


In Al-Anon, members share their own experience, strength, and hope with each other.

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Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, in the  Fellowship Hall
Wednesdays at 7:30 PM, in the  Fellowship Hall

Thursdays at 7:30 PM, in the  Fellowship Hall
NA provides a recovery process and peer support network that are linked together.  Members share their successes and challenges in overcoming active addiction and living drug-free, productive lives through the application of the principles contained within the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of NA.


​This is a non-religious program of recovery; each member is encouraged to cultivate an individual understanding— religious or not—of the spiritual principles and apply these principles to everyday life.